About Danielle

I'm an award-winning, data-driven writer; lifelong learner; and wanna-be mysterious poet who lives in a secluded Irish cottage overlooking the Atlantic.

I'm a brand storyteller who weaves a human connection into my content. I write for various audiences across different channels including social media, email, website, and paid media. 

    I graduated from Temple University with a bachelor's degree in English.

    (Yes, that is a photo of me with Tim Curry. It was a glorious moment at Monster Mania Con in 2018.)

    Some fun facts about me:

    • I worked as a Doggy Day Camp Counselor during college and briefly shadowed a dog trainer. This experience left me with the ability to name nearly any dog breed and some decent dog training skills.
    • I have an elderly dog named Otis who has a pacemaker. I can talk your ear off about that experience.
    • I want an MFA in Poetry. Just because.
    • I love the Oxford comma. I'm well-versed in a few different style guides, but I personally dislike any that reject the Oxford comma. (I'm looking at you, AP.)